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The Need To Win: Part 2 By Nick Arrizza, M.D.

In my previous article: "The Need To Win”, I discussed how this need is generated from a deep feeling of lack as is every need. In this case a lack of an experience of a sense of adequacy, security, self esteem, self confidence, and a general sense of "I'm OK as I am".

I also noted that as long as one operates based on this need it's a clear sign that the inner deficit continues to remain deeply embedded in the individual. In other words, trying to fill the need by the methods that such a need might generate i.e. trying to out do others, trying to prop ones self up, trying to win, trying to secure excessive accoutrements (material goods, titles, positions etc.) for ones self will not fill the deficit.

This is largely because what is missing really has nothing to do with any of these. What is missing cannot be filled by these substitutes. This is obvious because if they could we wouldn't have to go on continually needing to fill the need once they were acquired. In other words, our economy would grind to a halt, and given our addiction for consumerism that isn't likely to happen soon.

So what are these trying to substitute for? Well if you look at it closely enough what such an individual is actually seeking is an inner sense of peace, serenity and feeling of bliss within them. This experience can only be experienced when that individual is fully spiritually present in their own body. That is they, are "fully installed" as the Divine Being that they are within the body that is theirs.

How do I know this? Well through working with individuals for the last 10 years employing a new modality called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) I have assisted individuals struggling with such existential issues to re-experience their Divine Selves.

This experience consists of all of the following: a lightness of being, increased life energy, a sense of inner peace and calm, immense joy and blissfulness, a sense of inner strength and resilience, improved emotional and physical health, a sense of rightness about themselves, a great sense of connectedness with their own inner divine power and knowledge, and a feeling that they have finally come home. The feeling of need simply disappears because they no longer experience the feeling of lack.

In other words, they no longer lack what they have been looking for, the experience of their Divine Selves. In my view all the problems we witness occurring on this planet today are generated by this feeling of inner disconnection to our Divine Selves. Hence by helping others find their way home to themselves I'm sure that we will witness a dramatic re-organization in the experience of our reality.

If you would like to take this journey back to your Divine Self kindly visit the web link

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