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My Utmost For The Highest By Arthur Buchanan

When you start thinking of how you can help others that is a good sign, as your mind is starting to look at the picture as a whole instead of the pieces parts that others seem to see.

(You Are Getting Closer and Closer to That Perfect You Everyday!)

You will start to focus on what is the best opportunity for yourself to help others, which in turn will produce many golden opportunities to help others and yourself in the whole process! This is one of the keys to “Building The Perfect You.” Might I also mention it holds one of the keys to a successful future! First, you must see the best in yourself before you can see it in others.

You must look inside yourself and see that person you know you can be and you have always dreamed of being! Now you are probably saying to yourself “It’s easy to see!” Doing that is the hard part. You are right, it will be hard, but the key is if you can see it, you can become it, that’s powerful and needs repeating; IF YOU CAN SEE IT YOU CAN BECOME IT!

(This Holds True to Everyyhing You Cac Imagine, if You Can Imagine it You Can Surly Become it, or Find a Way to Make it Appear in Yor Reality)

Once you learn how to have a positive attitude and you can see yourself as the winner you are and want to be, “Might I also add, I know you can be too!” Then the possibilities are truly endless, now you will see how helping others will in turn help you get to where and what you want for yourself.

You will see that your highest thought will include, “Helping Others.” How does all this fit into the picture of the “Perfect You?” Let’s start at the beginning. Your Positive Attitude starts the whole ball rolling and this “Attitude is the Utmost for your Highest!” So at all cost you must keep your positive Attitude!

Your positive attitude is the key to your successful future along with “Retraining Your Brain!” Now I am getting ahead of my self, Let’s stick to the Attitude and how when you have the right attitude most of the time, things will start to change in the positive direction and things will become easier and easier to handle and the people you start to rub shoulders with will all have positive attitudes also, You will find that more and more they will all put a positive twist on things and if they don’t you will find yourself spitting them out of your life.

You have found that you are trying with all your might to move forward and will do whatever it takes to get there, as long as it is within the rules of fair play.

(This is so Important AND Bears Repeating!)

If they are being negative you will find yourself trying to remove yourself from that situation and this can only be positive for your future and that is good sign, as this means you are starting to see that your highest thought is your utmost concern. This in turn is the building blocks of “The Perfect You.”

Now do you see how the puzzle is starting to fit together? Once you have the positive attitude thing down, that’s when you will start to understand that helping others is in turn the best way to help yourself. This may be hard to understand at first and that’s OK, as time goes on this will become more and more apparent to you.

Helping others will be one of the best ways to better your esteem and grow yourself as a person. This is the utmost for your own highest vision and that is the great start on the way to “Building The Perfect You” and this is a game that everyone wins, because the world will be a better place because you where in it! Now do you see how your utmost can also be the Highest? What if I am starting at the Bottom? How many of us start at the top? That’s right none of us. If we are lucky the middle ground is the place where most of us begin.

Anyway but up? I bet you are saying to yourself “what,” this is what your mind is saying to you right now. It is comfortable here and let’s not rock the boat and let’s get lost in the crowd. It is always easier to stay where you are than to move forward, so it is only natural to want to stay where you are at instead of moving forward. What do we need to do to move forward you may be asking yourself?

(Let's Get Motivated and Move Forward With Our Life!)

First, you must identify where you are at. Please be honest with yourself, as this will help aid you in “Building The Perfect You” The point is this, it doesn’t really matter where you are at! What matters is that you identify the point you are now at and do this in all honesty so that you can try to figure out where you want to be!

Please don’t set your goals too low, as you really can be anything you set out to be? Once you have figured out what and where you want to go. You must sit down and form a plan of attack, this in turn will bring you one step closer to the perfect you, you want to become! Do I go left or right? Right or left you may be asking yourself! You need to hammer out all the details one by one and make a list and set goals that you need to accomplish to get to be the “Perfect You” that you are slowly becoming. Do you really think that all that good stuff only happens to people in the movies?

Well, guess again, it happens to those who work for it, and want to get to that new point, by doing that extra something that it takes to remove yourself from the crowd that seems to be going nowhere, If you stay in the crowd too long they shall pull all of the creative energy out of your body little by little. Then you will only be half the man or woman that you used to be, instead of that growing and glowing person you have dreamed of becoming.

You were born to win, so be the winner you where born to be and you will find that starting out at the bottom is not a handicap at all, It is actually a good place to start, any place is a good place to start remember that any place you are at is a good place, because no matter where you are at you can always go up, and up is a place to be! So focus on where you want to go and how you are going to get there make out a game plan and set goals that are attainable, and when you reach these simple goals pat yourself on the back and set your sights on another one of your goals and before you know it all your goals will soon be meet and you will be where you set out to be in the beginning of your plan.

Then you must set some new goals and get started on the new perfect you that you want to become! Are you starting to see a pattern here? Once you see that you can reach all those dreams, you will see that your future is unlimited and that’s when you set your next set of goals to become that perfect you that you can now see yourself becoming!

So stick to the plan and you will see that the crowd is slowly starting to fade away, this is when you know that you are getting close to the perfect you as you start to pull away from the ordinary crowed at the bottom, as they no longer have the power to suck you back down to them!

Please know that you can share this article with friends, family and associates or just anyone who you feel that this my help. Please just leave the footer intact and give proper credit to the author. Thanks:)

With Much Love & Compassion, Arthur Buchanan

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