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Read This Article if You Fear Risk By Lance Winslow

Fear of Loss is a real human fear and it is a powerful innate characteristic indeed. As a matter of fact one of the closing techniques in salesmanship training is to use the “fear of loss trial close” on the buyer.

It goes something like this; “so you like this new 50 series BMW don’t you and the price is good too, you even said it your self; how about we do a credit check and you can driver her home tonight?”

Buyer; “Oh, I don’t think so, it is a beautiful car, but I have to think about it for a few days.”

Seller; “Well, this is the last one in stock here on the East Coast, she will not last by the end of the day tomorrow, in fact I am surprised she is still here today. Are you sure you want to risk it?”

The fear of risk that something bad may happen if you do something or fail to do something has kept many a man from reaching his full potential. The saying; “No Risk; No Gain” is also appropriate here, as you cannot succeed unless you push the envelope and go beyond the common accepted way of doing things or general understood limits. Without risk, we would never have put anyone on the moon. Without risk there would be no drivers in NASCAR and if there were they would all drive around the track at 55 mph, not 200 + mph, you see?

Risk and fear is something you must over come in your life. That is not to say you take fool hardy risks, it means you should live life and make all your endeavors count, do not settle for less or be led by fear or risk. Be strong, have strength of character and when you must do not be afraid to; Go for it. Think about this for awhile when you get a chance.

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