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A Vision for Success By Ostaro Ostaro

Do you know that there is a formula for attaining material success? Indeed, there is.

My research has shown that people have gained material prosperity by following certain strategies, especially for projects requiring a large investment of up to $10 million with a short time frame for completion, i.e. one year.

The choice of the right team with the required know-how and expertise and the correct choice of location for its execution are essential for the successful completion of the project. The next most crucial aspect will be the right leadership and management, since the person in charge will provide the motivating force. Such positive catalysts are the soul of the project, since the people who are fully committed, will invest not only their expertise but also their hopes, desires, energy and concentration. A manager who has a vision, will be fully dedicated and focused on the successful completion of the project.

A vital factor that can mean success or failure is the harmony among the managerial team. The greater the harmony, the greater are the chances of success. The right choice can only be made by a great insight into the human personality. And for that a sensitivity for the talents of people hired is a must. It is my belief that if there is even one person who disagrees with the strategies and techniques employed by others, this will reduce the chances of success considerably. The manager has to be a uniting force to motivate others to get the job done efficiently and successfully.

Timing is another pertinent ingredient that must not be ignored. Wrong timing can mean higher costs or more wastage of precious time. In case of a $10 million movie project, the personalities, that is the main actors, must be able to deliver what the script warrants or it will be a flop. The audience in this case will be the sole judge.

It must be emphasized here that success in a project is largely dependent upon the expertise of the team plus the vibrational harmony among the people involved. It is team work. Without the full cooperation of all the individuals involved the project will not be successful. Many a movie was started and never made it to the screen. May you always make the right choices and be crowned with success!

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