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Read This Article If You Are A Winner By Lance Winslow

Hello fellow winner, you are among the few in the world. By now after all you have been through you probably are wondering why people are accusing you of cheating or trying to character assonate you. They loved you on the way up, as you were the fearless underdog, going against they odds, working your ass off to make it. Remember that, of course you do how can anyone forget that part, it takes countless hours, hard work, sacrifice and conviction to pull off what is necessary to win. It is not easy to be a winner and like the quote says; “There is no easy way!”

All this hardship you have endured to get to where you are has built your self-esteem and strength of character. The passion you have brought forth in your quest to be the best has indeed carried over into other aspects your life as well. No it seems to just be part of your method of operation. It is hard for many winners to understand why people attack them? The answer is because for whatever reason they have decided to tear down what you have done to make them selves feel better because they lack the self-esteem and strength of character that you have. So your mission now is to help others find that strength, hardly and easy task.

Do you remember on your way up how many people told you, that you could not do it? It was a daily, sometimes hourly comment that you heard. You never let that stop you, you even made it part of your motivation. Thinking to yourself never out loud; “I’ll show you” or “Bet me” or “Just watch me” as your committed and dedicated yourself to the press on through all obstacles in your way and with that conviction and perseverance you did it. You cried when you saw “Rocky” because you could relate and you understood that level of sacrifice. Now that you have achieved greatness you still find others saying nasty things, but you must understand this is human nature and you will have to deal with it.

Can I make a recommendation to you? Well, why not show them once again what you are made of, that it was not an accident, luck or cheating that made you number one or the winner that you are. Take all your shear will, inner drive, and strength of character and go do it again, but pick an new endeavor, something you are not necessarily good at. After all the best times in life were the glory days right? Well, then give yourself another dose of that, it will make you feel alive again.

Eventually even the critics will simply just have to shut up once and for all and give it up for your courage, strength and inner will. Then you will have provided the inspiration to fulfill the mission to help others find their inner strength too. It is obvious that the rest of humanity really needs this right now; you can make a huge difference. Trust me on this and be thinking here tonight.

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