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Reach Your Goals - Delegate Your Life By Soni Pitts

Delegate your life

If you're having problems finding the time or energy to handle your everyday activities, let alone getting to your goal, "hire out" the other stuff in your life to clear up mental and physical energy for the sole purpose of reaching your goal.  Assign distractions that don't require your personal involvement - like dinner-making, house-cleaning, errand-running and phone-and-door duty - to other family members.  Do this until you reach your goal (or for as long as is practical, if doing it all at once isn't), with the understanding that you will reciprocate when it's their turn.

This can even be done in a work setting.  If you are trying to study for a new certification, learn a new program to improve the company's database or some other job-enhancement goal, your boss may approve shifting some of your non-essential tasks to other employees (or even outsourcing them, if reaching your goal is important enough to the company).  Just be sure and make it clear that reciprocation at a later date is part of the deal, so no one feels dumped on. 

You might even consider suggesting that this become a standard company policy.  The exchange of individual efforts for the good of the whole could just be the key to enhanced productivity for all!

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