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Reach Your Goals - Step Into Your Own Truth By Soni Pitts

Create a truth and step into it

There is a saying in self-help circles that states, "Your mind can't take a joke."  What this means is that whatever you believe to be true is true, at least as far as your mind is concerned.  One dramatic example of this is what most people refer to as psychosomatic illnesses.  There are many examples of this, such as false pregnancies and allergies that trigger severe, life-threatening reactions when the person believes (incorrectly) they have come into contact with the allergen.  On a more psychological note, people who constantly repeat negative beliefs in their mind (I'm too ugly to attract men, my boss hates me, I will never be successful) create a reality where what they think is what they experience, unfortunately reinforcing the very belief that created the problem in the first place.

Although this can create problems for the people who suffer from the negative aspects of the phenomenon, you can harness the positive side of this extraordinary power for your own use by creating a truth and then stepping into it.  For example, creating a powerful and professional website, complete with all the whiz-bang features of the big boys, creates a truth in the mind of your customers that you are one of the big boys and they will treat you as such, encouraging you to respond in kind. 

Set yourself up with the trappings of success as it relates to your goal, behave as you would expect a successful person to behave and speak and think of your success in the present tense rather than future tense - and almost imperceptibly, you will step into the truth that you have created.  Before you know it, you will be what you behave yourself to be, because your mind (which, let's face it, creates your reality as you know it on a very tangible level) can't tell the difference between, as it were, a Hollywood set and a real house.  Make that ability work for you.

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