Let's start with couple of words on captcha's algorhytm, let's see what traffic and at which point is being sent.

1. User enters the page and the recaptcha form is uploaded from google
2. User clicks the checkbox and solves the captcha
3. When the captcha is solved, google checks the answer and returns code to the user in the field <textarea id="g-recaptcha-response"
4. User fills all
Captcha Solutions (https://www.captchasolutions.com/) has a new offering for CSPRO membership subscription plan. This offering limited to 100 seats only.

Benefiting from the CSPRO advantages and features, now Captcha Solutions is offering a LIFETIME subscription option for all members even current CSPRO subscribed members.

For a one-time fee of $595.00 USD you'll get to enjoy all features

We just had a server migration and very unluckily we lost the 6 months of database data.

Among those lost are PRO accounts and tokens.

With this we urge everyone to just create another new account and if you have the PayPal receipt with you when you upgraded or bought the tokens, send it to us to we can credit your account.
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I am very happy to announce to everyone that we have launched a new add-on feature to our clients control panel platform. We have added 72 new cool games for you to play and spend tokens on. By just logging in and going straight to https://www.captchasolutions.com/clients/login/?ref=https://www.captchasolutions.com/clients/games/ you'd be able to play games without leaving Captcha Solutions!

To everyone, we would like to share this very important news regarding an update to all CSPRO members and to be members.

All CSPRO members now enjoys a lowered base price rate for captcha solving tokens. Instead of paying the rate of $0.7 per 1000 solves, all CSPRO members now saves $0.1 less by paying only $0.6 per 1000 solves rate.

So instead of paying $14.00 for 20,000 tokens CSPRO mem
We have to change it to cater more people. Then we decide to play a little trick on its price.

Now! Introducing the CSPRO Captcha Solutions UNLIMITED Captcha Solving membership package plan is now $5.95 the 1-DAY (that's all you pay to try it!) and then $19.00 for the first month and $24.95 for the succeeding months to pay.

It's still UNLIMITED threads, UNLIMITED API calls and no solves l
We have a new OCR update that has a big impact on our captcha solving accuracy. Now, I can really say just upload any captcha image to our service API and it will surely return a correct answer and fast.

Though I cannot give the exact number or percentage but never the less my estimate is around 5000+ captcha types. Yes, 5000+ common captcha types were covered and supported by our OCR.

We would like to thank everyone for choosing CaptchaSolutions.com for your captcha solving needs.

Today, we've just launched a new and better captcha solving OCR for everyone to use with our API. This new OCR allows us to solve more than 5000+ captcha types and more accurately on Google ReCaptchas.

So what are you waiting for? Try it now with our API by ordering tokens at https://www.capt
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